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Hari Sabtu (malem minggu) yang lalu Endro pamitan mau latihan dan sekaligus audisi. Saya tanya, audisi untuk apa. Dia jawab bahwa ada perwakilan suatu perusahaan besar yang akan menyeleksi band-band bagus untuk tampil reguler di beberapa tempat. Memang, perusahaan tersebut saya tahu terkenal sering mengontrak musisi dan band untuk mendukung kegiatan branding mereka. Mendengar namanya, saya cukup yakin bahwa yang diceritakan Endro itu menjanjikan.

Dalam hati, saya senang kalau anak saya bisa bermain profesional di musik. Saya hanya menekankan pesan singkat ke Endro bahwa sebagai pemula, tidak usah meminta bayarannya musti berapa. Pokoknya dibayar sekecil apapun diterima saja. Anggap saja ini sebagai bagian dari jam terbang untuk menjadi musisi profesional. Jadi, kalo dikasih kecilpun tetap saja bersyukur. saat ini belum saatnya menetapkan harga.

Semoga sukses, Endro! Be the best musician you can be!


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On my problem with N93i, someone from Nokia called me on July 14, 2007 telling me that there has been no policy in Nokia that customer can refund what’s been purchased. So, they offered me that the existing handset is to be replaced by the new one. I had no choice but to accept it. Actually, I did not want it because I’d rather switch to other brand.

On Monday, July 16, the Nokia representative came to my office and they replaced the existing handset with the new one. I asked him if this product is guaranteed no defect – he could not assure me. So, I just accepted the condition.

To make the story short .. couple of months (not more than three months) from the date of new handset delivered to me, the new handset got similar problem, and Nokia replaced with the new one, again, without any additional cost associated with the replacement of new handset. And again .. while I was in Bandung (mid November 2007) conducting a team building session for BP (oil company) my daughter told me that the handset got problem also. I called Nokia .. and finally they agreed to FULLY REFUND the handset at acquisition cost!

That’s all for Nokia N-93i which later I knew that it’s a FAILED PRODUCT from Nokia. My daughter Dian finally bought the new model of Sony Ericsson. She did not want to purchase Nokia handset anymore …

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As we all know, Nokia is a leading mobile phone manufacturer in the world and market leader in Indonesia. What I experience is different thing. I purchased the N93i for my daughter and it’s got problems even on the first one and a -half month after purchase date. The situation is even worsen by the fact that the Nokia Care Center does not give excellent customer service. Mydaughter’s N93i is the third model of Nokia she has ever had and each model did not last for more than 7 months due to factory defects.



This is a true story about my daughter, Dian, who has experienced problems with respect to her Nokia handsets. On April 28, 2007 I purchased a Nokia N93i handset from a local store Infiniti at ITC Fatmawati, Jakarta, Indonesia for Dian. Not long after that, she experienced something strange with her handset. She could not receive any SMS on her N93i. When she checked with the handset, she found out that there was something wrong with memory management, i.e. the total memory in use is larger than the sum of memory used by each feature. The detail is: Total memory in use: 16MB while the usages of each feature are as follows: Calendar (11kb), Contact (83kb), Messages (14kb), image (0), sound files (0), video klip (0), documents (1kb), and application (0). The total memory in use is actually 108kb and NOT 16MB. Another strange thing is (even though the Total Memory in Use as calculated by the handset is “larger” than the actual) that there is “still” 33MB free memory but the handset could not receive any SMS.

We then brought the handset to Nokia Care Center (NCC) at Gunung Sahari, Jakarta, on June 15, 2007, or approximately one and a half month after the purchase date. According to the NCC staff, it was a problem of the software that supports the handset. The solution was to upgrade the software to the new version. The problem of receiving SMS was solved and my daughter could use the handset as a normal handset. But, the problem of miscalculated memory in use remained. We did not notice this after the service provided by NCC Gunung Sahari because the fact that the handset could receive SMS was very relieving for her. You know, she is 15 years old, and most teens at this age usually communicate with friends through SMS because it’s cheaper than voice call. She was very happy with the fact that the handset can do SMS as usual.

Problem #1: How could Nokia launch new product (N93i) without reliable software that supports its basic features?

Note: Sending and Receiving SMS is a very very basic feature that even old generation of handset should be able to do it, smoothly. Don’t you think so?

Another problem was identified recently – again, it was not noticed couple of days after purchase date. The handset was charged in accordance with the manual: for the duration of 8 hours in OFF mode. When the handset was later being set ON, the battery did not last long as it could only serve for approximately 6-8 hours with normal use: most of usages were SMS, plus a little bit of voice calls, no music, no radio, no MMS, no excessive use of camera. The handset was only used for SMS (mostly). This was considered too short battery life for a handset. We then planned to buy another battery for backup until a relative who has used the same model of handset visited us. Our relative did not experience short battery life for his N93i. Curious about what had gone wrong with Dian’s Nokia N93i, we made a simple experimentation as I elaborate as follows:

It was during a weekend time (July 7, 2007). Both handsets were turned off and charged the battery until full. After that, we exchanged the battery: my daughter’s N93i (say, handset A) battery was taken off and being installed into our relative’s N93i (say, handset B). And our relative’s N93i (handset B) battery was then installed to handset A. Dian and our relative agreed that they would use the handsets exactly the same. So, when handset A received an SMS and my daughter replied the SMS, my relative also sent an sms. So basically we wanted to make sure that both handsets were used “almost” the same during the day. Both handsets use the same operators (Indosat IM3). The experiment started (both handsets were set ON) at 7:35 in the morning. And this was the surprising result:

At 15:00, handset A’s battery remains approx 25% while handset B’s battery remains more than 75%. From this simple exercise, it can be concluded that my daughter’s handset consumes more energy compared to my relative’s handset.

Problem #2: How could Nokia launch a defective product – an electronic circuit problem that causes more consumption of battery power than normal handset?

Note: my daughter’s handset has never fallen down or being dented to hard and/ or heavy stuffs – So, please do not judge that the problem was caused by mishandling of the handset.

Another problem: the handset sometimes turns OFF automatically without being touched at all.

Problem #3: How could Nokia launch a defective product – the handset sometimes turns OFF automatically without being touched at all?

Based on the three critical problems that my daughter had experienced with her N93i, the handset was brought “again” to NCC Gunung Sahari on July 10, 2007. Please consider the efforts (time and monies) to go from home to NCC and also the dissatisfaction costs due to defective product!

The staff at NCC then received the handset and tried to repair it and the staff told my daughter (accompanied by her mom) that it could be repaired immediately in one hour time. But after one hour had passed, the handset was not ready yet, and my daughter asked when it would be completed. The staff said that it should be completed soon. It happened on recurring basis and after three hours waiting time, the staff said that the handset should be left there at NCC Gunung Sahari for three working days repair. Of course my daughter was upset and very very angry with the NCC treatment which really NOT acceptable at all. She had no choice but accepted it and the staff issued another work order (WO no. 73576 IMEI 753250010210700 dated July 10, 2007). My daughter was upset because of not only waiting for such a long time (3 hours) without solution but also she missed her English course. You can imagine how upset my daughter was. Pity Dian!

Problem #4: How could Nokia establish a Nokia Care Center which takes serious problems for granted?

Note: The problem of “miscalculated” memory usage was not resolved on the June 15, 2007 repair, plus other serious problems with electronic circuit which consumes more battery power than normal handset (problem #2) and the handset that turns OFF automatically (problem #3). All of the problems can be resolved in one hour? Give me a break!

Problem #5: How could Nokia establish a Nokia Care Center which treats customer not in a proper way, they do “not” value people’s time.

Note: One day after the handset was repaired at NCC, we checked the status of the work order. According to the NCC staff, they try to complete it in NCC in one week time. If a major part needs to be replaced, it needs one month delivery time of the part. (Come on! In today’s demanding environment, how can you afford to wait one month not having a mobile phone? Unbelievable! How could they say that? Remember, they promised that it will be completed in three days time yesterday, and now they take lightly saying that it might be in one week and even one month! Oh my God…!! What kind of customer service Nokia offers its customers????!!!!)

That’s not all – the N93i was my daughter’s third model of Nokia!

Please note that the first sentence of this long write-up started with a sentence which includes the word “handsets” (plural). I make it on purpose to put the matter into perspective. Again, this is true and I don’t make up or even dramatize the story. If I write it so compelling, it’s a representation of MY GREAT DISSATISFACTION to Nokia products!!!!

Previously, my daughter purchased Nokia 7610 and it lasted only six months because the handset sometimes got “hang” without any reason and could not receive SMS. After that, we traded the 7610 for N73i. The problem was even worse with the N73i. It lasted for approx 7 months. I offered her to try other brand by she insisted Nokia because she likes the camera. So, finally she decided the N93i. The problem is even worse like I have described chronologically at the above write-up. Not even six months, it’s less than three (3) months the handset has a lot of problems!!!

My Proposal

To close the chapter, as a father who really loves his smart (she does her school really well – that’s why she always got handset better than mine!) daughter, I want to propose the following to NOKIA Indonesia:

“Cash” refund in full the acquisition cost of my daughter’s N93i defective product PLUS “cash” compensation for all the hassles caused by “the” defective product (valued time, monies, anger, etc.).

You might think this is NOT reasonable, but I have compelling reasons for this proposal:

  1. My daughter has put significant effort to be a “loyal” customer for Nokia by using only Nokia mobile phones despites all problems she had experienced before. NCC did not treat her well when she visited the NCC on July 10, 2007. There was no reciprocal effort from the producer at all!
  2. There were a lot of intangible costs associated with not being able to fully utilize the basic features (SMS, memory status) of the product.
  3. There were real costs (IDR) for transportation to go back and forth to the NCC (approximately Rp. 400.000,-).
  4. I do not intend to request a refund for my daughter’s previous defective products (two models) – it’s just the currently N93i model – that’s it!
  5. The defective product is NOT customer’s problem but it’s producer’s problems – so why the cost must be incurred by the customer?
  6. Nokia is a reputable company which previously I adored during my seminars and workshops because its radical, out of the box thinking, which transformed from paper into mobile telephony company. A reputable company must be a company which has high degree of responsibility for the products that Nokia has produced.
  7. Nokia has failed to deliver excellent customer service through its Nokia Care Center. Has it been meant as Nokia Scare Center?
  8. It has consumed my time and energy to do facts gathering, analysis and report writing skills to convey this message to the world through the power of BLOGging on the net.

By posting of this very long write-up, I also send an email with a link to this blog to the Country Manager of Nokia Indonesia whom I have obtained the address from a network of friends in my country. If Nokia Indonesia cannot take action, I urge Nokia International or Global Office to take care this long write-up. Please refund all of my COSTS!!!

Picture: The date of purchase (April 28, 2007) and the date of first repair (June 15, 2007)





UPDATE (as of July 14, 2007):

  1. One day after I sent this link to Nokia Management in Indonesis, I was informed that”someone” would contact me. It did not happen and I sent back the email. Then some one sent me an email asking my cellular number without answering my proposal. Well, I know, they will bargain that the goods that has been purchased can not be returned – through phone conversation. I did NOT want to give my cellular number because the principle of good customer service is: Reply any queries from your customer using the same media as your customer use it. So, because I used email, they should use email as well. I’m not trying to be tough but I expect something really “basic” in customer service principe / philosophy.
  2. The handset which was repaired last week was already taken by my daughter yesterday. Guess what? Nothing has improved at all! The battery still drops in a very short time. Then my daughter charged the battery and it drops again. We contacted the Nokia Care Center Gunung Sahari. They confirmed that the “mesin” (engine?) must be replaced with a new one and we have to bring the handset back to NCC. WHAT?????? How come they take so easily???? For sure, I don’t want to bring the handset to the NCC for the third time!!!And you know what? The technician informed us that it will take ONE MONTH to replace the “mesin” (machine / engine?)! GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!

HEY WORLD, PLEASE HELP ME …..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO ONE IN NOKIA REALLY CARES ABOUT MY PROBLEM AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


For further update please CLICK this:

Nokia N93i – The Story continues …




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I Wish …

This morning, I spun Blackfield II CD

The music is so simple

There is nothing complex

Everything moves smoothly

Nothing distracts me at all, musically

The melody is nice, even though not that catchy

The soundscape… oh yeah! This is THE KEY of this album

Steven Wilson is the master of soundscape

The lyrics are so dark

I sip my kopi tubruk

while lstening to the music.. and read Edward Macan‘s book … ROCKING THE CLASSICS!


Oh I wish .. I am a musician …

How come I am not a musician?

It was the story of the past

I did NOT dare to challenge the “status quo”

I just followed what others did

Study very hard, find the best school

Oh yeah .. I got it!

But .. it does not answer my question …

Why am I not a musician?

I wish …


Let’s face it, Gatot!

Don’t do any daydream

You are not gifted as musician

You have to enjoy and thankful on what you do now!

What do I do?

Listen to the music

Find all subtleties embedded in the music

Write what “I feel” about the music

Remember .. Music IS emotion

Apprecitae the music


Thanks God …!

I choose to be thankful on what I do now

Even though …

I wish I was a musician … (rock music)….

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Wah edan … dari 2 hari yang lalu sampe sekarang, sudah berulangkali saya memutar CD Kamelot terbaru “Ghost Opera” yang paketnya baru dateng 2 hari yang lalu. Luar biasa banget ini album … Musiknya sangat banyak elemen orkestranya .. Megah lah pokoknya … ntar saya review deh … Ternnyata metal gak harus tereak nada tinggi .. tapi masih powerful, gagah … dan … mempesona!

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Niru idenya mas Budi, biar gak lupa maka berikut ini saya tulis hal-hal yang ingin saya tulis:

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Waduh .. banyak banget …. tapi pasti menyenangkan .. lha wong ngeblog itu gak bikin goblog kok .. malah asik bisa ber EKSPRESI BEBAS! The editor is ME, my friend!!! The judge of my writings is YOU!!! – the readers of my blogs ….



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